At the heart of DENTAL RATIO® is a belief and a promise to deliver top-quality implant solutions at a low-cost without compromise!  We specialize in dental implantology and supplies patent-free products at economical prices for maxillofacial surgeons, oral surgeons, dental practitioners and dental technicians.  This includes a broad range of prosthetic solutions.

The team at DENTAL RATIO® are leaders in their field sharing over 30 combined years (and counting) of dental experience. This irreplaceable time spent within the Dental world has shaped every aspect of DENTAL RATIO®, from the system’s mechanical detail, to the customer service we provide day-to-day.

Extensive commercial knowledge of the market as well as a significant background in clinical practice means that we understand the challenges that our clients face every day. Quality and cost often compete to the detriment of one, if not both.  At DENTAL RATIO®, we strongly believe that this does not have to be the case.

DENTAL RATIO® customers appreciate the flexibility to provide money saving, safe and effective treatment options that can alleviate market pressures including, patient finances, competitive pricing, insurance reimbursements, and the increasing cost of materials.

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